"Together we can make a difference"

Bhutanese Community Association of Charlotte (BCAC) is a 501 (C) 3 (non-profit) organization, of the Bhutanese living in Charlotte, NC. It was founded in March of 2010. BCAC is a secular organization that seeks to promote peaceful coexistence of diverse religious groups through mutual help. It is a charitable and educational welfare organization created to promote and protect the rich culture of Nepali-speaking Bhutanese people residing in Charlotte. Currently, there are about 420 households with the total population of about 3,500 former Bhutanese refugees.

Our mission is to serve the Bhutanese people living in Charlotte by preserving and promoting our language, tradition and culture, teaching our values, encouraging creativity and artistic performance while providing guidance towards sustainable community development effort.



— Interpretation

Bhutanese Community, being here in Charlotte for a short period of time, is new to this land and have a lot of obstacles to their progress, the most important being English language. With a view to help our people with limited or no English background BCAC has set it as a priority to help interpret for them at hospitals, DSS, SSA, County Health Department, DMV, Banks, Immigration Offices, Court, Police Offices, Funeral Homes etc.


— Training and Orientation

Newer families are the main focus of this program since they are in a totally new environment and are in need of guidance for their easy transitioning.


— Transportation

Newly arriving families are the main focus of this program since they are in a totally new environment and are in need of guidance for their easy transitioning


— Nepali Classess

Language is the key to preserving culture and other values attached to it BCAC runs Nepali classes so that our generation can pass them to the future generation our cultural norms and values and hence can keep our identity intact besides learning American way of life.


— Recreational Education

Practical learning is imperative to give a real feel while learning about any new place or thing. So adult and students are taken to museums, zoos, parks, theme parks, government offices and private offices.


— Referral

BCAC refers our clients to variBCAC refers to various other government and private offices to help them with their matters related their various aspects like acquiring legal documents like SS card etc or sending people to various other offices as per their need.


support us to accomplish the mission of BCAC