Welcome to our Site


Welcome to our website. As much as I feel honored to serve the Bhutanese community in Charlotte through this organization, I am personally also privileged to be part of the mainstream American society. Bhutanese community in the Queen city is a vibrant community. We are new, yet a growing community. At this time, BCAC is an all-volunteer run non profit entity. We have no any external funding to support our activities. In the future, we hope to secure some funding so it can maximize the services in this growing community.

The community members are very thankful to the United States government for providing them with new hopes and homes through the third country resettlement program. BCAC is set up to help ourselves as much as possible to be part of the mainstream American society. We’ve also brought with us the rich culture, tradition and language. We wanted to keep and preserve as much of it as possible. That is what makes this country the greatest nation on the planet.

On behalf of the organization, I request for your volunteer time and charitable cash donations to support the activities of this organization. We count on your support. And to my fellow Bhutanese community members, BCAC is your organization; its our organization. Let’s all be part of it.

Thank you,

Hasta Pradhan
Executive Director
Bhutanese Community Association of Charlotte.